The Investment Profession


Thank you for your interest in the investment profession.

With more than 10 years of experience in financial markets I am able to provide independent financial analysis and research on various investment topics and opportunities, including equities, indices, ETFs and FOREX trading, among others.

Geographically the focus is mainly on U.S. equities and the FOREX market which provide one of the best liquidity in the world. Being located in the EU however, I also have a vision of the macro economic conditions and securities markets in the EU, especially in emerging Europe.

I am devoted to develop my knowledge and experience in the investment profession in order to provide a better value. As part of my development path I have enrolled in the CFA Institute programme and passed Level I of the CFA exam.

Publications, analysis and researches of mine could be found in websites like and

The publications on this website are not and should not be considered as an investment advice. Please read the Disclamer for further details. It is strongly encouraged that readers get familiar with it before proceeding further with the website.

I’m open to any types of finance and investment related projects so if you need anything alike, please contact me at:

  • equilibriumeterna (at) gmail . com
  • View Emil Emilov's profile on LinkedIn

Sincerely: Emil Emilov


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