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Ford: Is Profitability At Stake?

The Ford’s quarterly report for Q3 2012 is expected to be released next week, on Oct. 30.

The significant price decrease (about 20%) the stock experienced during the current year despite the almost 200% increase in the net income for 2011 calls for attention. The result is the following analysis which aims at putting Ford’s company performance into perspective. It compares the last 5 years of an aspect of company’s valuation, namely EBITDA, to that of its competitors in an effort to evaluate Ford’s ability to sustain its profitability. The article also zooms in to the last reported quarter in order to gain a more current insight. In the conclusion it summarizes the points the investors should be wary of and look for in the coming reports when considering the stock or the company’s future results.

You are welcomed to read the full analysis at my blog on the SeekingAlpha website – Ford: Is Profitability At Stake?

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