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Karate Principles in Trading and Portfolio Management – Part 2

As noted in the first part of the current series, the character and the mind set of a portfolio manager could make the difference between a success and a failure. Being able to visualize the possible movements ahead of time and taking advantage of our own conclusions is often crucial to a better performance. So is the proper money and risk management.

This is the second and last part of a series of articles on the common principles between a martial art philosophy and a successful trading, investments and portfolio management attitude of mind. The article reviews the principles of protecting your capital first, being in control for the deals one makes and setting proper deal parameters like stop loss levels, risk-reward ratios, among others.

You are welcomed to check it at my blog at the SeekingAlpha website – Karate Principles in Trading and Portfolio Management – Part II.

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Long EUR/Short CHF: A Possible Trade With A High Risk-Reward Ratio

Since September 2011, the Swiss franc has lost a large portion of its appeal as a safe haven currency. The pledge of the Swiss National bank to defend the 1.20 floor it pegged the franc against the euro changed significantly the investment characteristics of the EUR/CHF pair. This analysis examines the current negative correlation of the EURCHF pair, its volatility and how these could enhance or affect an investment portfolio.

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Gold: A Review Of Possible Effects Of The Proposed Regulatory Changes

Recently as part of the implementation of Basel III rules, changes in the risk weight of gold bullion were proposed in the United States. According the new rule gold should have a zero weight as a risk asset in the calculation of banks regulatory capital ratios. This analysis tries to examine the possible effects that these changes could have on the demand and supply of gold and respectively – on its price.

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